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Millions of American shoppers drive 100 miles to outlet malls, or visit local outlet stores on a regular basis to find bargains. Everybody is familiar with those outlet malls (featuring companies like Coach, Polo & Nike) and big box specialty retailers (like, Nordstrom Rack & DSW) that sell “seconds” at substantial discounts. The same kind of outlet exists for brand name mattresses from Sealy providing tremendous bargains on beds.

We specialize in retailing mattress factory seconds obtained directly from leading bedding manufacturers. Mattress Seconds are mattresses that do not meet the strict guidelines set forth by the manufacturers. Factory seconds are mattresses or box springs that are closeouts, damaged, blemished, returned, flawed in production, etc. The manufacturer will inspect these products (see 10 Point Certification) and deliver to our store only those products they deem suitable for resale. These come at a great discount, however, with no factory warranty.

When we receive shipments from the manufacturer, we then re-inspect each mattress, photograph it for customer review online, and finally give it our:
  • Comfort Satisfaction Guarantee - exchange if not satisfied within 30 days
  • Total Quality Warranty – replaced if defective within 1 year
With trusted brands like Sealy, our Comfort Satisfaction Guarantee and our Total Quality Warranty, saving $100’s of dollars is really an easy decision!

King Serta iComfort Directions Reinvention Mattress
Retail Stores$
Store "Sale" Price$5,798
Secondary Bedding$2,899
You Save$2,899

King Serta iComfort Directions Inception Mattress Set with Regular Foundation
Retail Stores$
Store "Sale" Price$4,698
Secondary Bedding$2,499
You Save$2,199

King Serta iComfort Directions Inception Mattress
Retail Stores$
Store "Sale" Price$4,398
Secondary Bedding$2,199
You Save$2,199